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Kids For Cats, Inc is making a difference in the lives of cats across Walton, Okaloosa, Bay and Holmes county. With the help of our Sponsors we have been able to feed, house, re-home and provide other vital services for the cats in our community. Our mission is to continue on with more sponsors so that we are able to expand our reach to aide more cats. We are currently expanding our volunteering opportunities in order to involve other kids like us to stand up and make a difference with us! If we all do our part together we can ensure that all cats have a cuddly, warm, and safe home. 

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Emerald Coast Persians


Emerald Coast Persians has played a generous role in the foundation of Kids For Cats, Inc. As our first sponsor and continued support they have helped up gain publicity, expand our outreach programs and purchase countless supplies to aide us on our mission! Thank you Emerald Coast Persians for all of your support!

Salt Inspired Design


Salt Inspired Design has been vital in helping us grow as a company by donating this awesome website and providing continued support and maintenance along the way. Allowing us to connect with our other supporters and continue to grow with the demand. Thank you Salt Inspired Design!