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Since 2018

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Our History

We are future cat owners, entrepreneurs, and kids who desire to make an impact in our community and the lives of animals. We have chosen to work with and rescue felines. Cats and kittens have often been seen as the underdogs, however, we feel that they are just as deserving of love and compassion. Our group ranges from Elementary to High School students who have come together for this cause. We are advocating for our feline friends and will continue to inspire and motivate our peers to do the same. 

We have each grown up with the love of cats embedded in our hearts. So when we saw the need in our community for resources, we knew we had to do our part. Kids For Cats, Inc. was brain stormed on a car ride through their home town on a rainy afternoon in July 2018. We had just fed a family of stray kittens we found in a parking lot. We also knew we couldn’t make the huge impact we wanted alone. We enlisted the help and support of their family and friends and Kids For Cats, Inc. soon became a reality.

Ronald & River have always enjoyed working with their hands. They spend hours in their dad’s workshop learning all they can while they create unique furniture for cats. They uses their creative energy and wood working knowledge to build beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces for our cat friends everywhere. They are happy that their love and passion for building will now directly benefit their first love, the support and care of cats. 

October had the amazing idea to make simple cat toys for the cats they were trying to help. Soon her idea elevated into making more and more toys in order to sell them so that they would be able to give back more! 

Their dream escalated quick but their excitement has grown so much as well, from one cat outside of the shopping center to now providing 100 lb food deliveries to the local shelter. They are able to really see how much impact one kid can make, and how much change a group of passionate kids can create. 


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What Drives Us

Our Mission

Kids For Cat’s is created by children to mentor, teach, and lead by example compassion and care for the needy, lost or abandoned cats and kittens in our communities. Our dream is to provide children the tools they need to make a difference too. Kids For Cats strives to create a camaraderie among children that will grow with them as they combine their efforts to become advocates, supporters, and protectors of cats and kittens in their communities. Kids For Cat’s mission is to nurture the love of cats in the heart of all children, helping mold kind and compassionate adults.

All cats deserve to feel safe and loved. 

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